Celestial Event Coverage – Buckinghamshire Super Moon and Blood Moon -

Ok, so an astronomical event is not strictly speaking my normal kind of event coverage but since the little people in our house tend to wake me up at 1am, 4am, 6am etc, no matter what the phase of the moon, I thought I’d take the opportunity to record this rare celestial event of a super moon coinciding with a ‘blood moon’ total lunar eclipse, even if it was solely for the reason of showing it to them in the morning with the strict instructions that from now on, only when the moon looks like this out of their window should Mummy be woken.  I think the next one is in 2033….

Superimposed images of blood moon total lunar eclipse and an earlier un-eclipsed super moon that night

Two superimposed images show the moon appearing as a ‘supermoon’ at midnight and a red-tinged ‘blood moon’ as an optical effect of a total lunar eclipse at 3.45am over the Chiltern hills on September 28, 2015 in High Wycombe, England. Copyright Claire Greenway

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